Post expo residential comples in Astana

The task was to create new area in post-EXPO area. We have one big plot and
we had to design sustainable area with own sources of energy.
We designed block composed of residential building with living ground floor.
In the middle there is lagoon, because they have a lot of undeground sources
of water. In the summer this lagoon provides better climate in the winter it is
frozen lake for skating.
Building has flower plot instead of the railing.
On the roof there wind turbines to make electricity, because in Astana there are
strong winds.

Site plan shows that we wanted to bring to area traditional european blocks
(because they have problem with defining public spaces in the city – every distance
is too big), but also we wanted to area be through.
In the middle is lagoon with tea houses (very typical for their life style).
Also on the ground floor there are a lot of public spaces for markets, which are
very important for their culture.

Summer visualization shows us using of lagoon. Lagoon isn´t deep. Children can play there safely. Also you can rent a small ship.
Another imporant things are flowerpots on the balkony. In the summer is very sunny, they make shadow and also create better climate.

Winter visualization shows us using lagoon as the the place for skating and for
plaing ice-hockey, which is national Kazakhstani sport.
Also flowerpots are bare and the sun can go to the interior.

Around area we designed boulevards with weide roads, with cycle path, walking
path, green lines with trees and with the space for parterre.
Walking paths are very wide. Restaurant can have seatings there.

Project name

Post expo residential complex in Astana – Study project in studio Suske for student competition (Saint Gobain, Isover)


Astana, Kazakhstan


Winter semester 2014

Project type

Study, Competition

Design team

Pavla Maxová, Jan Novotný

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