Městský blok Amsterdam – De Os

s Dittmar architecten

The 80´s Osdorp area is recreating into the busy city center of the Amsterdam Nieuw-West. With several residential buildings, shopping centers and city hall is becoming the real heart of the location.

Old blocks of flats are reconstructed and given a new facade look. They are becoming part of the new urban block, composed of several volumes.

The brick gate is welcoming people to enter the city hall. Big glass windows are encouraging you to come in and buy. You can sit and relax in a few cafes.

There are several types of housing, for elderly people, young professionals, and starting couples.

Misto: Amsterdam, Nizozemí

Fáze: Studie, Stavební povolení

Rok: 2017-2019

Tým: Pavla Maxová, Jan Novotný, Dittmar architecten

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