Štětí is middle size town close to the Czech capital Prague laying next to the river Labe. It is well known for its industrial history as a big producer of paper. Nowadays, the town is shrinking. There are social problems and a lack of opportunities for young people and families.

The Townhouses offer the opportunity for two young families to find a new home and spaces for a small business.

The shape of the plot is very complex with the main orientation to the south and a great view of church and rectory. This offers to create a secret protected garden in the north part.

The shape of the plot is defined by existing buildings and street, with a small submission

On the ground floor, you can enter the houses or to the rentable commercial space. On the first floor are the main habitable spaces and on the second floor are private rooms of the family members. Two houses are connected to the gardens from living rooms. From the habitable spaces are accessible two gardens, one private and one semi-private for both families.

Project name

Townhouses in Štětí – School project in studio Kohout-Tichý


Štětí, Czech Republic


Winter semester 2014

Project type

Study for bachelor thesis

Design team

Pavla Maxová

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