The concept was to create relaxing places for people, who would like to live for a while in a calm place without the rush. In the cottages, there is no electricity. For light, you have to use candles, for hot water you have to use a stove. Cottages are situated near bigger buildings with a restaurant, which has classical supplies. This small area is connected to other areas, which provide horseback riding. This area is bordered by fence and horses can live there free with people. Also, this place is start position to the other areas. You can rent here a horse and ride on the other places.

Six connected areas. Each has its own building and space for horses. Also, there are some farms.

The area has its own cleaning system for waste and its own source of water on the hill.

Project name

Life between horses – School project in studio Hradečný/á


Krkonoše (Giant mountains), Czech Republic


Summer semester 2016

Project type


Design team

Pavla Maxová

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