Štětí is middle size town close to the Czech capital Prague laying next to the river Labe. It is well known for its industrial history as a big producer of paper. Nowadays, the town is shrinking. There are social problems and a lack of opportunities for young people and families.

In this town, there is a lack of normal flats for young people or for young families. So I decided to design the city house with starting flats. This house is located in the center of the town next to the municipal house and next to the small square.Ïn the house there are a lot of different flats. From small 1+kitchen to the big 3+kitchen. On the ground floor is a small café and garages. The entrance to the flats is from galleries.
Štětí is a small town not far from Prague. It lies next to the river Labe. It´s an industrial city and has a lot of problems with poor unemployed people. In the studio, we designed a lot of different kind of living. I designed a block of flats for young people or families. On the plot nearby me are townhouses. And also near is a senior house.

The house is divided into two shapes. One lower is oriented to the square and has the same
high as the municipal house. Second – higher has the same high as the block of flats next to it.

Project name

Block of Flats in Štětí – School project in studio Kohout-Tichý


Štětí, Czech Republic


Winter semester 2014

Project type

Study for bachelor thesis

Design team

Jan Novotný

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